The Fighting Shiite Militias in Syria

Thanks to Syrian Network for Human Rights for translating my study in militant shi’ism fighting in Syria.

The Syrian revolution began on March 2011 and radically changed the accumulated and silenced-on factors in the Syrian equation. The political opposition insured to present itself as a representative of all the sectarian groups in the Syrian society which was affirmed through demonstrations in the sectarian-sensitive areas and the names of the Fridays that were chosen via a public polls that were posted on the Syrian revolution Facebook pages.

On the other side, many activists’ testimonies, who belong to families of minorities, illustrated the nature and magnitude of the terrifying and massing policies that were adopted, and still being adopted, by the regime in the first months in the minorities areas through spreading rumors about Takfiri groups’ attempt to slaughter the Alawites or Christians (before the appearance of the armed groups in the revolution), inciting the sectarian differences using religious leaders, accusing the Syrian revolution of Sectarianism even in the official media, and by practicing continuously symbolic violence against the rural Sunni society as a part of a massing blind propaganda that helped in spreading the sectarian discourse and legalizing it even by the secular elites who sided themselves with the authority. This established a complex sectarian structure that included even the level of the secular authority-independent elites.

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